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Types of membership

Regular memberships

The following membership types are the regular ones and can be managed by the people themselves through the membership portal of webling. All membership types are managed in one field for technical reasons, as it is unfortunately it is not possible to show only a selection of it in forms or the membership portal.

Student member

You are a student and you want to be part of VELOVE and support us, but you don't have time to be an active member.

Fee: 10CHF /year suggestion (you can pay more or less)

Active memberĀ 

You help by opening workshops or other forms of activity.

Fee: none (free)

Alumni or External member

You are not a student (anymore) and want to use our workshops.

Fee: 50 CHF/year

Patreon member

You want to continue using our workshops and give us extra support. Thanks!

Fee: 100 CHF/year (or more)

No longer a member

You want to leave our association. We will delete your information.

Special memberships

The following types of memberships are not to be self-selected but managed by the board, as these people and organizations need to stay in the database for billing or as important contacts.

Board membership (do not select)

Members who sit on either the board of Velove Schweiz or a Velove Workshop

Honorary membership (do not select)

Some people that you might want to keep listed as honorary member, as ex Rector Sara Springman for example.

Juristic person membership

Other organisations for example, such as Pro Velo Zurich

Sponsor (do not select)

Orgainsations to bill and keep informed about our activities, past donors etc.

Other (do not select)

Other types of people or organisations you might want to manage.